434 Center Street Gray, Tennessee 37615

Whispering Oaks Farm Wedding and Event Venue

Our Story

About Whispering Oaks Farm

     In 1950, C.B. Rowe, his wife Anna Lou, and sons Morris and Eddie moved to a farm in Gray Station, Tennessee. They were trying to decide on a name for their farm. At the end of the driveway, there were two oak trees leaning towards one another. C.B. told his family those oak trees looked like they were whispering secrets to each other. That's when he said, "Let's name this Whispering Oaks Farm." That is the story of how we got our name! Pictured above is the original sign from the 1950's.

      Eddie and his wife, Dot, still live on the farm today. They have raised their two sons, who now have children of their own, and they all live on a part of the farm too. There have been lots of memories made on those forty acres, and many more to come! 

     Eddie and Dot want to share their  love of this farm with others, who can hopefully make happy memories of their own.

     Whispering Oaks Farm would love to host your next event. Please contact Dot to make an appointment for touring the farm at (423) 292- 5192 . 

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